Dark to Light Ombre Hair: How to make it look natural!

What is Ombre Hair?

The new hair trend for the past year as we all know has been ombre hair. For those of you that do not know it’s when your hair roots are a darker color usually brown and gradually fade out to a lighter color such as blonde on the ends of your hair. Dark to light ombre hair is really popular right now. Celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Lauren Conrad, and Lea Michele are famous for having this look. There are many varieties in ombre styles. There are examples of extreme ombre or very subtle ombre.


Great Example!

Not So Great Example!

How to Get Ombre Hair:

Here are my recommendations when doing ombre hair. First, start out subtle because when you do it drastically it can look cheap and can be too large of a change to look natural. My recommendation is to ask your stylist to do one highlight for every two low lights. The best ombre styles I have seen do not have blunt lines in their hair. I see too many girls have a line directly in the middle of their hair from the color change. My recommendation is to ask your stylist to backcomb in between your hair so the line is not blunt. My next recommendation is when choosing your color combinations you need to make sure the change is not too drastic. Do not go more than 3 or 4 levels off of your root base color. Finally I recommend that if you choose to do this make sure you have texture to your natural hair. If you have thin hair and wear it straight all the time I would not recommend this look. Ombre is shown mostly in loose waves, curly, or natural textured hair to give a relaxed look.

To find out if this look is right for you need to ask yourself these questions:

Do I like having roots?

Do I want something that low maintenance?

Do I like multiple colors in my hair?

Do I wear my hair with texture?

If you answered yes to these questions ombŕe hair might be right for you!

I personal love this look! If you have a need to change your current hairstyle this could be it! It’s very popular! Choose your look you want and remember to just run with it!