Holly Goes Pin Crazy for LuLu’s

Finding a Contest

My experience entering a Pinterest Contest was very fun! I looked that entering this contest was related to my topic on my blog site. I entered the LuLu’s December Delights contest. The contest involved creating a style board labeled Lulu’s December Delights. Then you had to follow LuLu’s on Pinterest. After following them you had to pin at least three things from their December Delight board and three things from LuLu’s.com Pinterest boards. Everything that was pinned had to include the hashtag #lulusholiday. Then you had to link your Pinterest board to them as a link in a comment box.

My Board Building Experience

My board included everything style, fashion, and beauty related. I picked this contest because I love this store and because I wanted to pick a contest that was consistent with my theme on my blog post. This way I can write about my experience and talk about Pinterest blogs and if they are worth doing. When picking the items to put on my board I reflected on my own style and then picked items that I would wear. I went to LuLu’s.com board and looked at their December board and searched for Holiday wear that would create the most unique set pieces. If you wanted to win the contest you had to have variety. Therefore, I picked items that were all very different from each other. The point of the contest for LuLu’s is to show the best they have to offer for the winter and holiday season and the best way to do that is variety in pieces. Therefore, I picked different types of outfits, different colors, and different materials for my board. My board turned out great and it was fun to create! I would recommend this for anyone that loves fashion! Plus, I bought a few things along the way, which means this marketing contest worked! :]

The Spring 2013 Must Have! A Colored Blazer

There have always those few pieces of clothing that every girl needs in her closet such as a black dress, nude heels, white t-shirt, leather jacket, and skinny jeans. However, I am going to tell you about the spring must have this season I colored blazer! Blazers are fabulous pieces that can be used in causal settings or dressy settings. Accessories can complement blazers, but they are not always needed if your blazer can stand on its own. The best part about blazers is you can never go wrong with the size. Some blazers fit so they are two sizes too big so you can wear it with leggings, and some fit just right to wear with the skinny jeans or skirt.

Fashion Week for 2013 in New York is reported to have many bright color schemes this year. This spring is all about the edgy pieces, bright colors, and big bling! Seventeen magazine explains this and the hot new pieces that belong in every girls closet for this spring.

Personally, I love my blazers. I have 10 blazers! Don’t be scared to use a blazer as a statement piece. Fashion is all about statements. I have a neon pink blazer that I love. It is a bold statement because it is so bright. I have worn it to interviews for places that I know wanted someone with a bold personality. I knew I needed to stand out! I wore it and it worked! Fashion is your statement to the world. Own it! Believe in your confidence and own your style! Take risks and have fun with it!

This is an example of a black blazer if you do not like the idea of bright colors. It is simple to dress up or down.